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March, 2008 | - Part 2

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Before you start blogging

posted on 03/10/08 by

Originally I wanted to write how to develop a WordPress theme, but when I’ve done some research I’ve found out that there are many good resources for that for example on wpdesigner, so if you are starting a blog or just redesigning or whatever here’s the list of useful thing and tips you should pay attention to when you are designing – developing your blog.

If your site wants to be successful it should have unique, attractive, user friendly design and color scheme. If you are not really designer, hire someone for that, it’s good investment…

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WordPress Archive page

posted on 03/08/08 by

Since lot of people asked me how i have made my archives page i realized that they are not really familiar with page templates so i looked over the web for some tutorials and i really couldn’t find good ones, so this tutorial will shortly explain how to do it.

If your WordPress blog is getting bigger archive page is really good to have, and here you can list all your posts, months, weeks what ever you want.

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Gunmetal WP theme

posted on 03/05/08 by

Welcome to and Stylized Web latest Open Source theme: Gunmetal. It’s Fluid Width and a Light on Dark colour scheme. Fluid Width? Yeah, this simply means that the content of the web page expands and contracts in accordance to the size of the browser window.

The main aims of this template are to produce (as usual with my templates) something that looks as aesthetically appealing as possible whilst using as few images as I can, and also to create a page that is a pleasure to read in terms of typography.

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Syntax Highlighter

posted on 03/01/08 by

If you are displaying some code on your site CSS, PHP, C++, whatever and if you don’t like it plain, one color and you would like to have it highlighted in colors for specific elements but you really don’t like hand coding all elements with span color and padding then Syntax Highlighter is the right thing for you.

This feature eases writing in a structured language such as a programming language or a markup language as both structures and syntax errors are visually distinct. Here are some free examples for it, compatible with WordPress to.

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