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The Business Case for Microformats

If you have been reading this blog for the past few months you will be aware that I was given the opportunity to attend the Voices that Matter conference this past weekend. Conferences are refreshing for many reasons including networking, re-energizing you about your passion and of course education. While I have always been aware of Microformats, technically knew how to do them and even had a good understanding of what they did, I had never felt compelled to include them in the standard 3.7 DESIGNS development process.

However one of the great presentations from the conference reminded me not only how easy they are to implement but also reminded me of the benefits as well. As a result I have started to write them into the web development standards at 3.7 and have also posted an article with more information on the company blog. If you are at all interested in Microformats give it a read.

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