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Project Status Plugin for WordPress

posted on 03/27/12 by

For those of you who don’t read the 3.7 Blog, we have recently released a WordPress plugin for managing projects. The following excerpt from the unveiling post explains our inspiration for the plugin. Anytime you experience the same situation a several times there is an opportunity to improve on it. My inspiration was a common […]

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Love WordPress, Get Free Business Cards

posted on 11/20/10 by

The people at Next Day Flyers contacted me and offered a giveaway for the readers of StylizedWeb. It should be fairly obvious that a lot of the posts on this blog are focused around WordPress, so I wanted to take this opportunity to give you all a chance to show WordPress some love and win […]

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WordPress 3.0 Features for Designers

posted on 10/26/10 by

The recent release of WordPress 3.0 has shifted the already rockstar popular WordPress from a capable but simple CMS/Blogging Platform into a full featured website framework. It is safe to say that the quick rise and wide-spread popularity of WordPress is largely in part of it’s simplicity. It seems that the team behind WordPress is […]

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